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Reality Search and the Gospels

Michelle Nailon
B. Arts, B.Theol., M. Theol., GradDipTheol.

Readings on this web site are taken from pages of the Reality Search Analysis c/f

Two other sites closely connected with this one are called and

As with the realitygroups site of daily mass readings, each page on this site is presented in two formats. There is the literal translation of the Revised Standard Version of the gospel (c/f 1988) and there is a paraphrase of this. If a reader has doubts about the validity of the paraphrase they can check this against the literal translation of the R.S.V.

The fact that a Catholic edition of the R.S.V. was produced from the original R.S.V. shows the universal credibility of this translation. As Cardinal Gilroy said at the time of first publication "Scholars of all denominations, and of none, find themselves in broad and fundamental agreement about the form of the original text."

The material on the present site was prepared about the same time as the five versions of the Reality Search Analysis which are available on

Version Four Five Pivotal Texts (with recent edits) is a paraphrased presentation, while Version Five Translation Analysed presents the literal translation.

On this site, the presentation is set out in a format similar to that of a web site. It does not fit with a pdf format. Nor does it fit with a more recently completed animated and unfolding workshop presentation c/f

In the present case only one page of the material is available at a time. A reason for putting the material up in this way is to demonstrate, with immediate access to the literal translation, the credibility of the analysis. It appears that credibility is a major issue for the Reality Search analysis and the sites connected with it.

At present a research project is underway to explore how extensive Hellenistic influence was, before and while the Gospels were being written.

In fact the Jewish externals of buildings, clothes, utensils, government, burial customs etc was almost wholly based on Greek models. Societies of the time would in fact use Greek models e.g. of rationalistic thinking and Greek language to define their own uniqueness. It follows that the gospel writers would do the same and the Reality Search Analysis appears to demonstrate this.

Updates and revisions of the Reality Search sites continue to go on.

Note: The literal translation in "Translation Analysed" is from the RSV Interlinear Greek-English New Testament (1968). Translator was Rev A Marshall.
Queen's Printer and Controller of HMSO. Reproduced with the permission of the Treasury Solicitor under delegated authority from the Controller of HMSO.

Note 2: The paraphrase of the literal translation (with some reference to the Greek) c/f "Five Pivotal Texts" is by Michelle Nailon CSB. The Reality Search analysis of the literal translation and its paraphrase is by Michelle Nailon CSB
All rights reserved.
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